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Our loyal clientele in Oklahoma vouches for our professional OKC carpet cleaning service and reliable machinery. Since we only use high-powered machines, not a single dust or dirt particle will be left behind once we’ve worked on your carpets.
To learn more about our carpet cleaning services in OKC, give us a call and talk to a representative today.

Professional Carpet Cleaning OKC

Everyone in the house comes in contact with the carpets. Besides walking on them, you also sit on the floor, and your kids or pets might play on the carpet too. Thus, it’s crucial for the carpets to be clean and germ-free. As the best carpet cleaning services in OKC, we always strive for customer satisfaction!

At 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning OKC, we offer OKC carpet cleaning for minor accidents and extensive clean-ups. Even if you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned for years, you can expect our cheap Carpet Cleaning OKC to get all the stubborn stains out in the first go.
Here are the steps involved in our carpet cleaning services in OKC:

carpet cleaning okc
carpet cleaning okc
carpet cleaning okc

Here are the steps involved in our professional carpet cleaning services:

⦁ Arrival:  Before we come to your place, we give you a call approximately 30 minutes beforehand so that you can be prepared. Our team arrives with the necessary equipment and manpower. We recommend removing large furniture from the carpets for efficient cleanup.

Pre-Inspection:  After that, our OKC carpet cleaning experts will inspect your carpet and determine its current condition. If extra attention is required, we will discuss the necessities with you.                                                                                                                                                         

Pre-Cleanup: In this step, we will remove the dirt from the carpet. Don’t worry if there’s still dirt remaining because it will be removed in the following steps.

Deodorizer:  Dirty carpets often give off a foul odor of pet urine and other household smells. That’s why we use a sanitizer and a deodorizer to remove the smells while killing germs. Doing this ensures that the allergy-sufferers in your house have an easy time breathing.

Cleaning:  Then, we use the hot water extraction method to remove the dirt and stains from your carpet. While the steam freshens up the carpet’s fibers, the extraction will ensure the swift removal of any contaminants or dirt.                            

Spot Removal: If the cleaning process hasn’t picked up all stains from the carpet, we will go in for another spot removal step.                                                                                 
Carpet Protector:  Although this is not necessary, you can request us to add a carpet protector. It will prevent future spotting or collection of dirt and grime in the carpet.                                                                                                                                                       
Post-Inspection:  After cleaning, our OKC carpet cleaning experts will inspect the carpet again to ensure no dirt or spots are left behind. There’s no other professional and cheap 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning OKC locals can fully depend on when it comes to carpet cleaning services.

If you have any questions, this is the best time to ask us since our team will be happy to assist you with any queries. We offer the best carpet cleaning services in OKC!